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We take pride in our ability to offer you high-impact diagnostic results by providing you with a PoC laboratory from next-generation technologies. 

Our Doc In A Box program also provides strategic, tactical, and operational white coat lab management to maximize patient care without requiring time from your employees.

You get the benefit of having PoC diagnostics without you even knowing we are there.


Welcome to USA Doc Lab

USA Doc Lab provides dedicated hands-off solutions to bring a point of care lab to private doctors. From the initial facility audit to full lab management, we do it all so the doctors can focus their attention on their patients. PoC diagnostics will become the standard as we move into the future of healthcare. We give the practice faster results with antibiotic resistance reports, which leads to proper treatment courses.

This leads to patients getting issues resolved faster and preventing them from taking antibiotics that were not needed. For insurance companies, this dramatically reduces paying for revisits and paying for prescriptions twice while reducing paying for mistakes created from insufficient testing. We create a new revenue stream for the doctors, save patients time and money by only needing one appointment to resolve issues.

Meet Our Team

The team of people at USA Doc Lab is made of some of the foremost thought leaders in medical technology. They have come together to create better health care by leveraging modern technology with common sense.

Thomas Huard

Thomas is a Ph.D. graduate from The University of Illinois, Chicago, and joins USA Medical as the Chief Science Officer. With an extensive career in laboratory services and over 40 years of experience working in the molecular diagnostics market. Over the years, Thomas has held every position from consultant, advisory board member, director, technician, founder, and specializes in Design, Management, and Technical oversight of Clinical Laboratories and Diagnostic Testing. He also has experience in many other disciplines such as Immunology, Microbiology, Virology, Molecular Diagnostics, Tissue and Organ Transplantation, Immunohematology, Chemistry, Toxicology, Immunohistochemistry, Flow Cytometry, Genetics, Oncology, Pharmacogenomics, Personalized Medicine, Companion Diagnostics, Quality Assurance, and Regulatory Affairs.

Tony Josifek

An Iowa State graduate, Tony is an entrepreneur, finance leader and business advisor with 20+ years of broad experience in public and private companies and HQ and segment environments.

Jamie Williamson
 PCR Molecular Coordinator

Jamie is originally from Florida and left to see the world when she started her lab career in 2000 with the USAF. There she worked in Core lab, Blood Bank, and Shipping and was a member of the Armed Services Blood Donor team. She traveled the world and practiced in laboratories in the US, Iraq, and England before she separated and joined the blood banking industry in 2008. For years Jamie stayed up to date with the regulatory side of the Blood Banking industry and expanded my knowledge in training and competencies for a small town blood center. She then moved into the cancer care industry working for West Cancer Center out of Memphis, TN, until she got recruited into PCR testing in the doctor’s office setting.

Roel Chavez

Roel is a professional President and founder who is passionate about providing people with the latest tools to improve lives.

Before starting USA Medical Services, Roel worked 18 years as a project manager/project engineer specializing those talents in commercial construction. After a successful career providing disaster relief for FEMA and building large scale commercial projects, he wanted to expand his horizons to medical to make a difference. Roel invested a couple of years and countless hours of R&D in USA Medical Services. He piloted the Program in urology and primary care facilities, during that time he made sure the Program was tested and successful before bringing it to the open market. Roels, number one goal and mission is to provide not only doctors but patients the best customer service each and every day.

Barry Reber
 Vice President

While in the army, Barry became a certified radiologic technologist working both in military and civilian hospitals. He brings years of hands-on medical experience and dedication to customer service into business management. Over the years, he has morphed into a successful multipreneur and has an exceptional track record of creating and leading multi-million dollar businesses.

Barry is first and foremost a thinker, and a doer and has always sought a way to give back to the medical industry.

Shunette Cole
Lab Tech

Born and raised in West Tennessee, Shunette is a dedicated mother of three beautiful children. She brings that same dedication to lab services. Shunette graduated in 2008 from JSCC with an associate degree in Applied science with MLT emphasis. After completion of school, she refined her skills with WTHC, where she worked for 8years. She then applied her talents to Lifeline Blood Services, where she assisted in the manufacturing and producing blood products throughout West Tennessee. In her free time, Shunette enjoys being around family and helping with her children’s extracurricular activities. She enjoys a good sci-fi Netflix binge when the time allows. Shunette is enthusiastic about providing the crucial task of point of care testing with USA Medical Services.

Patrick Hines

Patrick has had a long and distinguished career in clinical laboratories where he began in 2005. He is a current Ph.D. candidate at ASU for behavioral health. Patrick is an executive member who formulates strategies and joint ventures with the point of care laboratories.

Marc Todd
 Brand and Marketing Strategist

Marc Todd is a Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and
entrepreneurs to grow and scale their professional brands, human-to-human. After spending decades working in PR and marketing for multiple companies within all facets of medical, Marc knows what truly drives medical personnel, and it’s not mastering the marketing flavor of the week. It’s how well you can benefit their patients. Marc came to USA Medical in 2020, and is currently the regional business relation manager for our Northeast clients. Marc also is the owner of Quick-Equip LLC, a NY based Import /
Export company, that provides multi-modality medical equipment and technical service solutions to medical centers nationwide and throughout the Caribbean.

DeAndre Derrick
 Lab Tech

DeAndre comes to USA Medical with over 15 years of laboratory experience. He began his career interning for the Dial Corporation and was a part of the team that developed the Dial for Men’s body wash formula. A key contributor to The Cancer Genome Atlas project, DeAndre has spent most of his career in cancer research utilizing PCR to check cancer biomarkers enabling doctors to treat their patients effectively. Working in the lab allows him to do what he has the passion for, helping patients and upholding the core values that USA Medical represents.

Our mission is to decentralize high complexity reference laboratories

Why Point Of Care PCR Testing?


Rapid Turnaround Time

Point Of Care PCR testing allows for a rapid turnaround time to be confident in your diagnosis by prescribing an antibiotic that is not needed.


Improved Diagnostics

Being able to diagnose effectively reduces unnecessary emergency room and hospital costs. As you can imagine, this helps the patient and their overall health and supports the health care system by avoiding these avoidable costs.


Competitive Advantage

Point Of Care diagnostics will become the standard as healthcare moves into the future. Be ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of providing better care for your patients.


Improved Patient-Care

Our program is a patient-centric program that helps enhance the patient experience by getting the diagnosis right the first time.


Improved Treatment

The State Of Art PCR machines created by Thermo Fisher takes the guessing out of it by delivering correct diagnostics the first time and allowing for confident prescription treatments.



Our Doc In The Box program allows the portability of bringing a fully functional lab right into your doctors’ office.

Better Health Care is Our Business

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